Sea and Air Freight:
● Sea and Air Freight Forwarding.
● Third Party Logistics.
● House-Moving & Luggage Arrangement for Immigrant.
● Insurance Arrangement for Sea and Air Freight Cargo.
● Break Bulk Cargo Arrangement and Vessel Chartering.
● Special Cargo Transport Arrangement.
● Tri-Angle Trade & Transfer Cargo Handling.
● Rate Quotation & Consultation on Sean and Air Freight.
● International Sea and Air Freight Consultation.
Customs Brokerage:
● Customs Clearance Services for Normal Imports and Exports
● Customs Services for Triangular Trade and Trans shipments.
● Information on Customs – Related Regulations Provided.
● Documentation Production, Bank Negotiation, Commerce Visa Arrangement.
● Customs Documentation for Special Imports and Exports of "Used" Machinery.
● Handling of Whole – Factory Equipment Export and Uniform Tax Tariff.
● Free Duty Arrangement for Personnel Belongings.
● Container Cargo Transport.
● Bulk Cargo Transport.
● Dump Truck Transport.
● Bonded Truck Transport.
● Flat Cargo Transport.
● General Shipside Storage Transport.
● To – Door Truck Delivery.
● Warehouse Rental.
● Bonded Warehouse.
● Container and Cargo Loading and Unloading.
● Reworking Service on Re-Exportation Cargo.
● Merchandise Distribution Center.
● Stack Loader Rentals.
● Packing, Crating, Palletizing and so on.
● CFS – CY and CFS – CFS Consolidation, CY Loading and Unloading.
Door – To – Door Service:
● On Time Door – To – Door Delivery.
● Port – To – Door Through Service.
Container Yard:
● Container Yard Rental.
● Trading on Containerized House.
● Container Leasing and Trading.
● Container Repairing and Maintenance.